Born in 1967. in Beograd.
Graduated from the Academy of Fine arts
in the class of professor Momcilo Antonovic, Beograd 1991.

Member of Serbian artists association since 1992.

Teaching at the Academy of Fine arts, Beograd, since 1994.


1988. Drawings
, The Cultural center "Old City" gallery, Beograd

1990. Paintings and drawings
, The Cultural center "Old City" gallery, Beograd

1990. Paintings and drawings
, The Students City Gallery, Beograd

1992. Paintings, the Kolarac gallery, Beograd

1993. Paintings and drawings, The Academy gallery, Beograd

1995. Drawings, The Cultural center Beograd gallery, Beograd

1996. Prints, The Graficki kolektiv gallery, Beograd

1997. Prints, The Boem gallery, Starcevo

1997. Paintings, The Contemporary gallery, Zrenjanin

1998. Prints, "Meander" gallery, Apatin

1998. Prints, Altes Amt Gallery, Shonecken, Germany

1998. Prints, Galerie der junge Kunst, Trier, Germany

1998. Paintings, Salon of Contemporary Art Museum, Beograd

2000. Drawings, "Jovan Popovic" gallery, Opovo

2001. Prints
, City Gallery, Pozega

2001. Paintings, The Cultural Center gallery, Despotovac

2002. Prints, "Risim" gallery, Cacak (with Aleksandar Leka Mladenovic)

2002. Prints, The National Museum, Kraljevo (with Aleksandar Leka Mladenovic)

2003. Paintings, ULUS Gallery, Beograd

2006. Drawings, "Jovan Popovic" Gallery, Opovo

2006. Drawings, The Cultural center gallery, Kovin



1994. Chamalieres, International small print trienalle

1994. Tokyo, Tokyo international art show TIAS 94

1994. Seoul, International print biennale

1994. Beograd, 3rd International print biennale

1995. Uzice, International dry point biennale

1995. Varna, International print biennale

1995. Kanagawa
, International print biennale

1996. Lodz, International small print biennale

1996. Beograd
, 4th International print biennale

1996. Beograd, International illustration biennale The Golden Pen '96.

1996. Fredrikstat
, International small print biennale

1997. Uzice, International dry point biennale "Dry point 97"

1997. Bitola, International print biennale

1997. Saint Niklaas, Small print biennale

1997. Varna, International print biennale

1997. Kanagawa, International print exhibition

1997. Osaka, International print triennale

1998. Beograd, 5th International print biennale

2000. Bitola, 3rd International print triennale

2001. Uzice, 5th Print biennale "Dry Point"

2002. Budapest, 6th Small print biennale

2002. Tesaloniki, 1st Interbalkan forum of contemporary miniature

2003. Chamalieres, International small print triennial

2003. Thailand, International drawing and print exhibition

2003. Prague, Serbian print exhibition

2003. Uzice, 6th International dry point biennale

2004. Sofia, 4th International triennial of graphic arts

2005. G. Milanovac, 8th International biennial of miniature arts


1987. 4th Yugoslav students biennale award, Beograd

1991. Awarded for a drawing at the exhibition"The World we live in", Beograd

Awarded for a drawing at the exhibition "Beograd 96", NU Braca Stamenkovic, Beograd

1996. Awarded for a print at the 4th Biennale of Graphic Art Beograd 96, Beograd

1999. Awarded by the Ministry of Culture at the exhibition of small print, Graficki Kolektiv, Beograd

2003. Awarded for a print at the 4th International biennale "Dry Point", Uzice

2005. Awarded for drawing at the Belgrade Biennial of drawing and small sculpture, "Cvijeta Zuzoric" Art Pavilion

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